Alex Huerta

Photos by Alex Huerta.

I'm a man with very few but nicely chosen words, so if you were to ask me what exactly what my work is to me, I would have no words to correctly describe what goes on. With all the energy and color that goes on I feel my words would do the work no good.

Growing up in a small and bland town I feel going to cities and different states and experiencing new things with such intensity would be an easy way to sum it all up. I've been in the same area for about 20 years (my age) and it's always an adventure going just about anywhere outside of the surrounding counties.

The reasoning why I started chasing art as a passion goes back to my senior year of high school. I lost a friend halfway through the year and my mind got stuck on the idea of having only one life. I decided to drop the idea of becoming a doctor and actually do something where I was happy.

Photography and sculpting are my most favorite mediums to work with and I actually came across these by chance. I started taking those classes for fun and it became bigger than I ever really thought of. They've brought me success and I love doing them. I naturally am a pretty nice person so I usually don't do people because I can't be bossy towards them to get the 'perfect' shot. I'm slowly working my way into it though.